Life in Crisis is a stage of life with the most immediate needs. These needs range from food stability to immediate housing. The programs offered for these individuals are to meet these needs and allow them to move to the next stage, life in transition. 


Food Box Program

We hold free food drive-through events, and we also have an on-site food pantry that will be open throughout the week. Email us with any questions or for assistance with food stability.

Food Bag Program

Every Wednesday a small group goes out and gives out food bags to the unhoused. The bag includes four days of food that does not need to be cooked, refrigerated or need a can opener. They are devoted to gaining the trust of these individuals and helping them!

Canned Food

grocery list

Grocery List.png

Our food efforts are possible due to the generosity of others. We accept all kinds of canned goods and shelf stable items. Items not included on this list will be accepted and placed as bonus items! 

Above is our grocery list for our food box program.

Below is the grocery list for our food bag program. 

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Food Pantry

This program is meant to give immediate food relief to those in need, as well as continued assistance to create food stability.


The Food Drive-Through is a program run by John and Jackie Pasquarella. This amazing couple has a passion for creating food stability in our community.


There is also a food pantry located in The Sumner Center. This will be open throughout the week once construction is finished. 


Both of these programs require volunteers to operate. If you are interested in volunteering please sign up below.


If you are in need of assistance, please contact us.

Meals provided: over 100,000


Folded Bedding on Tatami Mat

Stay Warm Shelter

The Stay Warm Shelter is a program that runs during the colder months of the year to provide a warm and safe place for unhoused individuals to spend the night. The shelter also provides hot meals and bagged lunches to people lacking a stable home. NorthField Church currently works with seven other churches as well as the Gallatin Fire Department for this program.


The program is run by Deborah Alston through First Baptist Church Gallatin – Winchester Street, in conjunction with Unlimited Potential.

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