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Marianne and Sam Alhadeff have been an amazing couple to work with on this project. Their son, Mike, is an adult who has special needs. Marianne and Sam had a vision for a church service that fit Mike, others like him and their families. 


The first and third Sunday of every month we offer a time for friends with special needs and their loved ones to get be together either worshiping, doing social activities or sharing a meal. This gives them time to enjoy fellowship, share stories and just have people who understand them on a deeper level! 

For more information or to volunteer for this ministry, please email

GiGi's Playhouse

We love this partnership! We are excited to continue being a home for GiGi's Playhouse in our area. There are two parts to this program.


The first is a program that meets on Tuesdays and creates an inclusive space for children and adults with special needs to come and have fun.


The second part is personalized tutoring, which is done throughout the week. GiGi's works with families and tutors to find a time that works best.


The Sumner Center is always looking for more participants and volunteers to join us! Please click below to start your journey!


Special Needs Sports Foundation

We partner with The Special Needs Sports Foundation ran by Ed and Gay Neal to host bingo each Thursday from 6pm to 8pm. We are thankful to host this wonderful group with snacks, prizes and bingo for everyone.


If you are interested in volunteering to be a buddy on one of these nights or would like to participate, click below!