This year, The Tim Tebow Foundation decided Night to Shine will be a virtual experience for the safety of our honored guests. To provide an exciting celebration for them, NorthField Church will host a “Shine-Thru” parade. Guest families will drive down the red carpet from the safety of their car. We will line the red carpet with a cheering crowd, and a buddy will crown the guest king or queen of the prom before going home to watch the virtual prom online.


We will also have a "Prom Pack" for each honored guest. The pack will include a Night to Shine T-shirt and other fun items. The Shine-Thru Parade will be Friday, February 12th from 4-6 pm. Volunteers will need to arrive by 3:15 pm to get checked in and get in place. We will also have some volunteer positions that are not the night of the prom. Please see descriptions of all volunteer positions below.

By registering to volunteer, you are agreeing to wear a mask throughout the event.  Thank you for loving our special needs community. 


Volunteer Positions prior to the Event

CAREGIVER TEAM (Deliveries week of Night to Shine)

This team will focus on honoring the caregivers who give so much of themselves to care for our honored guests. Volunteers on this team will visit families the week of Night to Shine. Caregivers will receive a special gift packet, and yard signs will be placed in the honored guests’ yards.


DRESSES & TUXES (Various dates in January)

Before prom night, our female guests will have the opportunity to visit our dress shop on the NorthField Church campus and pick out the perfect dress from the huge selection we have collected. Also, tuxes will still be provided by Street Tuxedos for each male guest attending the virtual event. Volunteers are needed to keep the dress shop organized and to assist guests as they shop.


“Shine-Thru” Positions for Friday, February 12


As volunteers arrive at the “Shine Thru,” they will be placed at various stations (Prom Pack, Food Service, Cheering Team, etc) throughout the drive through parade.


Each guest will begin the Shine- Thru experience with a car decorating team. A team of volunteers will help honored guests and caregivers feel special by decorating their cars and turning them into “chariots” for the prom.



This year, our honored guests will experience the red carpet in an exciting and safe drive-through experience. They will feel like kings and queens while driving on the red carpet where their chariot will stop and let the honored guests pose for photos.



All honored guests will receive their own corsages and boutonnieres! This year, they will receive their prom flowers at a station within the Shine-Thru parade. Volunteers will be needed to hand out the flowers.



At each Shine-Thru station, experts at supporting honored guests’ health and emotional needs will stand ready to support any specific needs our guests may have during the shine-thru experience. Volunteers with experience are needed to serve on this team.



We will have volunteers along the whole Shine-Thru route making sure cars are going in the right direction and letting them know when they need to pull forward.



We will have a Prom Pack for each honored guest that has a Night to Shine T-Shirt and other goodies in it. This team will distribute the Prom Packs at the Shine-Thru.



Volunteers on the foodservice team will be handing out boxed dinners for our honored guests at the end of the Shine-Thru.



Volunteers will be staged throughout the drive through parade to ensure our honored guests feel special and appreciated.



As a member of the crowning team, a volunteer will help crown our honored guests as their families participate in the drive-through parade. Each honored guest will be crowned inside their car at the end of the Shine Thru parade.



This team will provide technical support to caregivers and families so that they can log in and experience a memorable virtual prom.



These volunteers will give our guests a permanent memory of the evening by capturing special moments happening all night!



Volunteers are needed to help set up and tear down our Shine-Thru event.